General Aviation

Alaska Aerofuel’s trucks range from 2,000 to 10,000 gallon capacity and are UHF & VHF radio-equipped to handle both Unicom and dispatched calls. A 24-hour self-serve Avgas cardlock is located next to the tower on the East Ramp.

West Ramp:

Our FBO is conveniently located on the northwest side of the main runway between taxiways N and P. Alaska Aerofuel offers an 18,000 sq.ft. climate-controlled hangar, 120,000 sq.ft. of ramp space, on-site Customs and Immigration, passenger lobby, crew lounge, conference and snooze rooms, Wi-Fi, satellite HDTV’s, and several other amenities to accommodate your aircraft, crew and passengers.

East Ramp:

A 24-hour self serve Avgas cardlock is located on the north side of the tower on the East Ramp next to transient parking. Located in the building directly behind the East Ramp Avgas cardlock is a Pilot’s Lounge. In it, Alaska Aerofuel offers cable TV, computer with internet access, a conference table and comfortable seating. A local restaurant is also located in the same building.

Winter Services:

Winter services include aircraft pre-heating, parking area, snowplowing, and sweeping snow from aircraft that are parked during winter. Fairbanks offers an extremely dry climate, and de-icing is rarely needed. Alaska Aerofuel offers free de-icing on tech-stops with fuel purchases for up to GLEX and G550 in size. Our Ramp Crew has extensive and complex cold-weather experience. We operate our own de-icing equipment. This provides you with the confidence you require when passing through during our dry, sub-zero winter months.



  • Corporate Jet traffic & General Aviation FBO
  • Unicom service
  • 18,000 sq.ft. climate-controlled hangar with 28′ tall clearance and 100′ wing clearance
  • Crew Lounge, Conference Room, Snooze Room, Laundry Facility
  • Crew & Rental cars
  • On-site US Customs & Immigration office
  • Jet-A, Jet-B, 100LL Avgas (into-wing & bulk deliveries)
  • De-icing (FREE on tech-stops with fuel purchase)
  • Hotel & transportation arrangements
  • Catering (multiple providers)
  • Aviation oil, Aviation grease, Fuel additives
  • 24-hour self-serve Avgas cardlock
  • Aircraft pre-heating
  • Oxygen / Nitrogen
  • Snow removal (aircraft, tie-downs, air taxi’s tarmac & parking)
  • Compressed air, window-cleaning products
  • G.P.U. Tug, 28 volt & G.P.U. 400 cycle AC
  • Military transit aircraft fuel & support
  • State & Federal Government aircraft
  • Commuter & air taxi scheduled fueling


We offer competitive pricing on all our products, on and off the airport:

  • Jet-A into-wing or bulk fuel
  • 100LL into-wing or bulk fuel
  • Unleaded, Diesel, and Heating Oil –all bulk quantities.


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