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Why Fairbanks?

Fairbanks is the hottest cold weather spot in the world! Located in the heart of Alaska with an international airport, we have onsite Customs and Immigration for clearing incoming crews and passengers. With international and domestic flights into Alaska, moving people and materials is easy. Modern hotels, restaurants, and support services add to the ease of getting your certifications completed.

Now the real reason to test in Fairbanks: COLD WEATHER! Yes, Fairbanks gets cold and can stay cold for days and weeks on end. Located in a bowl of the interior, and surrounded by hills, Fairbanks has minimal to no wind. The absence of wind, dry conditions, and constant temperatures for 24-hour periods lend to great test results.



Service Highlights

  • Cold weather experience
  • Personal cold weather gear available
  • Herman Nelson heaters
  • Electrical power support
  • Heated work platform to encompass engines
  • Hangar space
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Rental cars




With years of experienced and qualified personnel, who specialize in cold weather and aviation services, we look forward to making your cold weather project a success. We have a fully equipped shop to help design or build whatever specialized equipment you may need. The best part is that all your cold weather needs will be consolidated with one company to provide a detailed direct bill, greatly simplifying the tracking of expenses.

Alaska Aerofuel can arrange hotel rooms and rental cars, as well as provide hangar, ramp and office space to meet your needs. Cold weather gear is also available for a daily rental charge. Equipment such as heaters, power units, generators, stairs, work stands, air starts, de-icing, and fuel will be provided on call.

Alaska Aerofuel



Satisfied Customers Include

  • Allied Signal Engines
  • Raytheon Corporation
  • Gulfstream Corporation
  • Lear Corporation
  • Canadair

  • Toyota Motor Engineering
  • Embraer Aircraft Corporation
  • Sikorsky Helicopters
  • Eurocopter Deuchland
  • Agusta Aerospace




When looking at operating in the United States, finding an international airport with a quality U.S. Customs department, and a company that is seasoned in supporting cold weather projects is not so easy!  But you need not look any further--Alaska Aerofuel and Fairbanks has it all. Please call us at 907-474-0061 for price quotes and references.  We want to serve and support your upcoming cold weather projects.

Cold Weather Administration/Aviation - 907-474-0061

Fax: 907-474-0085


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